Cannabis Cultivation in Oklahoma – Clarifying the Fencing Needs

In 2018 Oklahoma ventured into a new frontier, the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes. With that came strict regulations and guidelines for all those involved from the grower to the end-user. 

At Oklahoma C&C Fencing Supply we’ve been well versed in the law and are ready to provide you with all your fencing needs for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis here in Oklahoma.

“Don’t I just need a standard 6 foot fence with no extra bells and whistles?”

Actually no, it’s quite a bit more complex as to the overall requirements. Our goal here at Oklahoma C&C is to ensure that your fence and your farm are in strict compliance with Oklahoma statute Title 75 chapter 20. 

Here are the requirements outlined by the state of Oklahoma to cultivate cannabis on your property:

  • The entirety of your facility must be surrounded by a fence that is no shorter than 8 feet tall, regardless if you’re growing in an outdoor space or a greenhouse. 
  • The fence must be at minimum 6 gauge chain link or similarly secure material, i.e. wood.
  • All entry gates must follow these same guidelines, at least 8 feet tall and at minimum 6 gauge chain link or similar. 

We don’t know about you, but we didn’t go to law school. We’ve done our best to parse the legal jargon above but it can still be a bit confusing due to one final point. 

(C) The fence shall be in good repair and obscure the Limited Access Area so that it is not easily viewed from outside the fence.

That’s a really fancy way of saying “your farm and/or greenhouse cannot be visible while looking through the fence.” However, the language isn’t abundantly clear as to what “easily viewed” truly entails. We stand by our security offerings and believe them to be in accordance with the statute. We offer secure privacy fencing options with our chain link fencing that will leave no doubt as to your compliance with the law. If at such time that the law changes we’ll be sure to amend our product offerings to keep our customers safe, secure, and protected. 

Here at Oklahoma C&C Fencing Supply we believe in treating our customers with respect and offering exactly what they need. Give our qualified sales staff a call today so we can meet your secure cultivation fencing needs.